We've created a weight-training program that's ideal for women.

In Part 1 of our program, we will use a variety of dumbbells, medicine balls, TRX, kettle bells, benches, and machines to strengthen, tone, and condition your muscles. Our weight training model allows our average client to burn around 200 calories per workouti, while also allowing for an increased metabolism after the workout, too, meaning you burn calories even after the workout is over!ii Also, did you know that by adding just 5 extra pounds of lean muscle you can increase your resting metabolism by as much as 350 calories per week?iii In total, you'll burn approximately 2,000 calories per week* from weight training and your metabolic response to it.

i (2004) Calories burned in 30 minutes for people of three different weights, Harvard Heart Letter.

ii Vella, C., & Kravitz L. (2004) Exercise After-Burn: Research Update, University of New Mexico Research.

iii Koch, Pat (2013) How Many Calories Does 1lb of Muscle Burn?, Built Lean.

*Results may vary, depending on program adherence.

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